Why I Love living here!

Last Saturday, just before closing I (Nicole Jones) stopped by the library to find Evie and Barbara desperately trying everything they could think of to get a hummingbird to come down from the skylight so they could close the library and set the alarm.  They tried putting red colored things below the skylight, and even a cup of sugar water…nothing worked!
1- The dilema...yes, that little dot is a hummingbird!

Evie contacted the Fire Department and one of the volunteers came over with a 6 foot ladder and realized that it would not do the job.  We thanked him for trying but didn’t expect any further efforts.
2- Rescue is on its way!

Well…he went back to the station, called the Chief and got permission for them to use the fire truck and recall the volunteers (who had just gone home for the day!)

3- The intrepid Kendall Fire Department!

The attached photos tell the rest of the story.
4- It helps to have the right equipment!

Many thanks to Marina who braved the heights and managed to bring the little guy down in perfect condition so he could fly away and have more adventures!

5- Marina heads up the ladder

7- Success and the lo-o-o-ong trip down!

8- Marina and her very grateful new friend!

8- Safe and sound!

Off flew our little hummer safe & sound.  Thank You to our friends and neighbors of the Kendall Volunteer Fire Department.